Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't Burn Ray Bradbury's Books...Eat Them! April 1, 2009

Rosemary and Tom Zimmerman, Italian Pizelle Book, winner for Most Book-like

Non-fiction tends to be slightly more difficult to digest,
but poetry is an impossible degustatory quest.
So here is a word to the wise,
if you are hell-bent on eating prose,
your attendance at an April event is mandatory, I suppose.
Attend the Edible Books Show and Tea
where licorice whip binding is the key
and deli ham pages are turned with glee.
Whether books be eaten by the Ezra Pound
or with a sprinkling of Joyce Carol Oats,
you might just Wanda Gag.
So don't secretly nibble pages in the stacks,
eat your books in public. Get the facts!
Delectable words will jump off the page.
Eating books is all the rage.

Erica Snell, The Very Hungry Caterpiller

Join us at Edible Books Annual Show and Tea.
Make a book of your own and get in free.
If eating books is all you crave,
Pay at the door and try to behave.
If your fingers wander and probe
into the jellied aspic Book of Job
We might have to cook you at Farenheit 451
as Mr. Bradbury would have done.

Edible Books Show and Tea
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
6pm to 8pm
Viewing and Voting: 6-7pm
Devouring Books: 7-8pm
Winner will be announced by 7:15pm

Columbia College Library
624 S. Michigan Avenue, 3rd Floor
Chicago, Il
312.369.6630 for more information.

K.V. and Jan Chindlund, The Velveeta Rabbit, winner for Best in Show

Most likely to be burned
Most likely to be devoured
Most out of this world
Most likely to be make into a Truffaut film
Most Magic

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