Monday, February 2, 2009

Beth Amphetamine vs. Malice in Chains - A Night of Cleavage and Cleats

I realize that going to see an all-female roller derby is not an art exhibition, but I couldn't not tell you about it. It was so cool. The girls were totally out for blood. The costumes were haute raunch-ay. On Saturday night I went to the UIC Pavillion to see the Windy City Rollers. I have heard about female roller derbies, but never thought I'd see one. I took a gazillion photos so that my readers could get a taste of what this thing was like. I loved the fishnets on Ruth in Asia (pictured above). The names of the skaters are almost better than the competition itself: Megan Formor, Sonya Mouthshut, Ava Sectomy, Eva Dead... I'm trying to come up with my own roller derby name. I thought of a few, but they are way too raunchy. See The Windy City Rollers website. There are many more pictures there. Below are some of mine.