Monday, July 20, 2009

Upcoming Faculty Show at Leviton A+D Gallery

_place: Columbia College Art and Design Faculty Exhibition opens on August 13 at Leviton A+D Gallery

___place is about times and spaces of revolution, and their effect on visual images. We use convention and tradition to recognize images, pictures and works of art, and because art images interpret our world, they impact how we understand changes in the experience of place, space and time. We only understand visual things in contexts that are historical, geographic and cultural. Artists respond to those factors, and ___place is an experimental exhibition of such responses. The exhibition uses a notion of revolution to emphasize how changes in what, when, and where we see not only changes the character of visual images, but also tells us something about the tools we use to see the world. Exhibiting artists include Steven Carrelli, Anna Kunz, Betsy Odom, and Michael K. Paxton.

Over the next few week, I will be producing short video postcards about each of these artists. Today, I 'll be interivewing Betsy Odom whose current artwork address the issues of gender, sports and craft. Videos and information from the remaining artists will appear over the next few weeks.

Betsy Odom, Tom Bigbee, leather, elastic

Betsy Odom, Softball Bat, 2008, wood, leather, tape

WHEN: August 13 - September 19, 2009, opening reception Thursday, September 10, 5-8pm

WHERE: Leviton A+D Gallery, 619 S. Wabash Avenue

COST: Free and Open to the Public.

INFO: 312.369.8668 or

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